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Above are some of the dried foods we learned about in the December 2010 mini-class. Dried cucumbers, tomatoes, chilies and apples are just some things we can dry at home!



Betty McMacken whetted our appetities for home-bottled foods. She also taught a wonderful canning class in January 2011. More of them to come, as well!

Above: Here are some of the amazing entries we had at the 2010 Apache County Fair! Congrats to all participants!

Below: Regina, Tim, and junior member Houstan representing the garden club in the 2010 Fiesta! Parade in St. Johns.


Above: Regina, aka "Big Red" holds up a snow cone while Tim and Houstan do the hard work of carrying garden tools and pulling a Tonka truck of candy for the spectators.







Above: Some of the lavender specimins at the Red Rock Farms Lavender fields. They have some of the world's richest outdoor-farmed lavender!

Below: Mike Teeple talking about how he got interested in raising lavender in Concho, Arizona.