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 June 9

        Meeting at 10:00 a.m. at the library

August 11


       Regular Garden Club meeting. 10:00 at the public library


October 13


       Meeting at 10:00 a.m. at the library


Garden Calendar-What Should I Be Doing?



If you haven't planted yet, you should! If you are planing late to avoid squash bugs, good for you; you should do this very late this month. 


June is a great time to turn your compost piles! Don't forget that in the high desert, we never have to worry about compost being cooled off by excessive rain, but we do need to make sure the piles never dry out! Dry compost will not decompose, so make sure you are watering!

Be Careful of the Heat

June is, by far, the hottest month of the year here on the Colorado River Plateau. Make sure you are drinking lots of water when you are out in the garden. Make sure you set up a good watering schedule early in the month so your plants don't suffer needlessly! 


Mulch, mulch, mulch!

July marks the start of the monsoons, typically, and with extra water comes lots of runoff. Normally not an issue, but a deluge can uproot plants and uncover tender tree roots. Use a good mulching material (many people swear by pine needles because they don't get blown or washed away) to help "tie down" your plants and keep the soil from being displaced by heavy rains. 

Plant Squash


The first part of July is a great time to start fast-maturing summer squash to avoid those irritating little squash bugs. 



I know it seems silly, since we all do know this, but the rain really helps your compost start cooking. Make sure you turn it about once a week to help those microbes get the air they need to break down the vegetation material in those compost bins. Turning more often than once a week is not necessary, as that is about how long it takes for microbes to work and cool down. Invest in a compost thermometer and check the temperature every day at the same time to see the truth of this. 



Yes, monsoons bring weed growth, and I'm sorry for that! Make sure you are keeping up on weeds before they go to seed. Chop them with your lawn mower and toss them in your compost. Make sure you use enough dry material with your weeds and grass clippings that they don't just rot during this moist time of year!